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Got out of the city for summer solstice / OH DEER home (see more here) / stopped in at PLANT in Inglewood / Lunch at MARKET while my sister was in town


azuma2 azuma3 azuma4 azuma5 azuma6 azuma7 azuma8 azuma10 azuma9“Flowers are not forever, they last for a certain amount of time and that thought feeds my creativity.” is how Azuma Makoto describes what he loves most – flowers. In Japan there is a famous tradition of flower art called Ikebana and what Asuma creates in his life, everyday job and his passion is so simple and beautiful I instantly fell in love after seeing his work space and the arrangements he creates. His work is like none other that I have seen in the flower and plant industry (but I am not in Japan) which he says you can find some of the most beautiful flowers there is.

Isnt it all so beautiful?

Another one of my favourite parts to this interview -

Are you interested in art in general where works are built for eternity?
No not really, I really feel like flowers are the most beautiful piece of art you can have, especially in our modern society. We don’t really need things to ‘stay’ I think. We have so many things and we want so many things. I am very tired of being surrounded by so many things.



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Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a6 presetThe sun is shining in so beautiful this morning and its supposed to be another warm day, although I’m cherishing every moment because the thunder storms are supposed to be rolling in this long weekend. Unfortunate as it may be, I actually enjoy a thunderstorm as I peer out at it through my window. Thunder storms out here in the prairies are unlike the ones back home on the coast so it’s quite exciting and frightening all at once!

I wanted to share some new pieces to the shop, its gotten a major over-haul and I couldn’t resist sharing. I’m very drawn to natural elements, my designs on the tote bags are inspired by nature and portrayed in a minimal way along with all of the wood I use, either hand-painted or left natural and paired with stones, its a beautiful contrast. I’ve been experimenting with indigo-dye recently. The process is so beautiful, inspired and seeing the outcome, the differences in each piece is thrilling. Ive added a few designs to the etsy shop and I hope you enjoy them. I plan to create even more textile products that are hand-dyed.

This past mothers day, I joined a pop-up market held here in Calgary through Commonwealth Collectors Club. It was a super fun and inspiring event, I’m planning on joining the next one as well, so keep a look out for details and if you’re in Calgary or even Edmonton, it is worth coming to see what’s there and catch-all the good vibes. It feels good to finally be joining Calgary’s art scene, it has after all been almost two years since our move, and its great to be a part of a growing community.

TABLE OF CONTENTS | Shu Hung and Joseph Magliaro | Portland

shu1 shu2 shu3 shu4 shu5 shu6 shu9 shu10 shu11 shu12 shu13Another fabulous home tour via fvf this week, are the owners of Table of Contents, coming from Portland is most definitely an inspiring couple. I love young couples that not only live so well together but also collaborate on their work lives together. They not only have a beautiful home in Portland, after living together in Berlin, Beijing and New York but also a beautiful store with an awesome story. You can read the full interview here.


HUNTER LAWRENCE | visual storyteller


hunter5hunter8hunter6 hunter7 hunter2hunter10His words are as beautiful in their simplicity as his photos in their complexity. Hunter Lawrence captures images that not only take you away with them but speak volumes about the natural beauty that surrounds us, each and everyday. A beauty that man has not influenced and one would hope never disappears, a beauty that we should be eternally grateful to have in our backyards. To travel, to eat, to run, to walk and smell, sharing it with those we love and sometimes alone, in our own humbling peace. I’m starting to yearn for warmer days where me and my two loves can drive off into the early morning hours with our coffee, music and freedom. Spending the long lit days getting lost in our own natural world.


Johanna Tagada | artist profile

jj1 jj2 jj3 jj4 jj5 jj6jj8 jj7French artist, Johanna Tagada currently based in Berlin with her fiancé has a beautiful home and studio. I instantly fell in love with her colorful work and space. The Indian portraits are so beautiful and their eclectic home perfectly reflects their work in a most inspiring way. What a beautiful couple and a lovely home that leaves you feeling slightly envious and inspired by their artful life.